Epcot in the 90’s on Gold 100

Mothership Earth

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Florida and Epcot Centre many times. I’ve actually lost count of how many trips I’ve made, but it must be 6 or 7. Over the visits I’ve used many cameras and formats – this time it was my little Samsung AF Slim, loaded with Gold 100. This image from google, refreshes my memory of the box! I also shot a little 16mm film on Kodak 7240 reversal film. I remember that the coding for Gold was A B C! GA was 100 – GB 200 – GC 400 On this trip I used GA 100 (same box design as the GB 200 below!)

Kodak Gold in the 90’s

These are new scans that I’ve made, on the Plustek Scanner that I’m still learning – it’s certainly a better scanner than my last, and although the bundled software could be better, I’m making progress. So lets have a quick tour of the World Showcase, as it was back in the 90’s!

China Again

Those of you who know Epcot will notice that I’ve missed USA, France, UK and Canada. Since this trip, there have been other additions as well. On my last visit the lovely theatre that occupies most of the USA section still houses the brilliant, animatronic American Adventure. i hope they never replace this! France has a 3 screen film, called something like the beauty of France, which I absolutely love. UK seems to have a pub, somehow appropriate, while Canada shows a full 360 degree film. I’m nostalgic to return again after this scanning session!

2 thoughts on “Epcot in the 90’s on Gold 100

  1. I’ve never been much interested in visiting such places, but your pictures make it look worthwhile. Given the current political climate there is some talk of moving Disney to New Mexico. Seems like an excellent idea to me.


    1. Hi Mike! Sorry for delay in reply – I’ve been away for a few days! I know what you mean, on one hand there is so much to see in the world with regard to “real” cultures and history, on the other hand I do/did enjoy those trips! The parks are full of colour, music and fun, and as a movie fan, I could make an argument that Disney, Spielberg, Lucas and all, have added as much to culture, for most of the population as Mozart, but that could be a very long argument!! Certainly the colour and sun aid the photographer… I would imagine New Mexico has plenty of both! – All best wishes – Andy


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