Kodak SUC

A Kodak SUC (Single Use Camera)

About 4 years ago I won 2nd place in a small competition, the prize, a Kodak SUC (Single Use Camera). It’s spent time in the glove box of the car, it’s been bumped around in my work bag, and finally over the last month I’ve made the effort to finish it off. They contain an 800 speed film, certainly the results are grainy, although part of that could be my scanning – another post on that whole topic soon!

Wimborne Town House
Children’s Ride
Bournemouth Sea Front

Of course it’s the simplest of cameras – seems soft at the edges, looking at the shot of the trees. I removed the film carefully – the film is re-wound into the cassette as it is exposed, so that can be done in the daylight. This model is easy – just “clipped” together either side. I have now re-loaded it with some FP4 – that’s another post!!

I have moments where the “fun” of trying new films, cameras, and the likes, gets over-ridden by the frustration of using scanners and computers. I’m trying a new scanner and although the scanner hardware seems capable, the bad design of the software makes it hard to tell. While I’m fully enjoying blogging, there are times when I would seriously consider going back down to 2 film cameras, one 120 and one 35mm and having all the processing and scanning done by a lab – certainly this would help my blood pressure! Ask me tomorrow and I’ll feel differently no doubt!

5 thoughts on “Kodak SUC

    1. Hi Jim! Thank you, well it was an interesting play! You are quite correct of course 4 years (or more!) of hot, cold, damp dry, and out of date isn’t going to help with grain. Onto my next experiment!! Cheers Andy

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  1. Getting colour scans that you’re happy with is never a simple process. Even when you hit on a successful formula, it’s never too long before you decide it doesn’t look quite right.

    I’ve tried all manner of methods over the past few years and am currently using Negative Lab Pro with some success, but even that takes some fiddling to get a result I’m happy with.

    Black and white is a joy by comparison.


    1. Hello, I have to say I think you scans are terrific – nothing short of amazing! So much so I’m tempted to try Negative Lab Pro. That said, I’ve just purchased a new scanner, my first attempt was both painful and terrible. I “reset” the software and had another play today and got better results. I think it’s going to be a long learning curve! I wish companies would “test drive” their software on people who don’t write software for a living, before releasing it. Some things I find so un-necessarily complicated! I’ll do a post on that soon, but I need more experience (ammunition!) first!! Cheers Andy


      1. I know what you mean. I think that, sometimes, software developers get so close to what they’re producing that they forget that some users *don’t* know the application inside out and upside down like they do.
        You can use Negative Lab Pro on, I think, 12 conversions free of charge in order to try before you buy – with full features / no watermarking.


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