A Visit to the Minster with the Va

Wimborne Minster

Continuing on with a couple of rolls of film through my Rolleicord Va, this time I loaded up a roll of Ilford Delta 100. In this case a better choice would have been the 400. That aside, I stopped off at Wimborne and it’s Minster. It has along history being founded in 704 when Cuthburga, sister to Ina, King of the West Saxons, founded a nunnery on the site. The nunnery was destroyed by the Danes in 1013, but the prsent building dates from 1120.

Sun Dial
The Tower
Typical Interior Decoration
Ceiling in the Tower
Astronomical Clock
North Side of the Nave
Silhouette of Cross against stained glass
Looking back down the Nave

I didn’t make a photo of the Altar this visit, as the organ is currently having an extensive repair. There were bit’s of organ all over the place. In fact just as I was leaving I was asked how I got in! I explained that I just walked through the open door, and pointed to my way out! Apparently the building was closed and the door accidentally left open! Never mind – no harm done!

The Tower with the Quarter Jack Just Visible!

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