Back to Belgium in B/W


In the late spring/early summer of 1993, I was off on my travels again. I’d had such a great time in Scandinavia a couple of years earlier, travelling around by train, that I decided I’d do it again! This time I took a 16mm movie camera with me, a Krasnagorsk. I had 2 x 400ft cans of Kodak 7240 with me, split down into the required 100ft loads. These last for a screen time of 2.5 minutes each (20 minutes of stock in total), so I had to be selective in what I shot. This film from memory was balanced for tungsten light at 125 asa, so required a Wratten 85a (CTO) filter for daylight use, and brought the effective speed down to 80asa. I took a ferry from England to Ostende, then on to Ghent for a quick stop, moving onto Antwerp for my first night stop.

Ghent #2

With me I had a tiny Samsung AF Slim camera for stills. I guess this was about the height of my movie making years when “stills” photography took rather a back seat. In the Samsung was a roll of FP4 with some remaining shots.


I’ve been back to Antwerp a couple of times since, but sadly not to Ghent – something I must correct at some point! During a few recent “google searches” I’ve seen some amazing new architecture that just needs to be seen!

Grand Place (Grote Markt)

The bulk of the movie that I shot was in Norway, so I called it “North to Norway” – more about that in another post. I stayed another day in Antwerp then took the night train to Copenhagen. From there to Oslo, where the adventure began!

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