The Lizard Point

The Lizard Point

The Lizard Point is the most southerly point in Great Britain. I made a visit there while on holiday in Cornwall a couple of years ago – pre-covid. I took my trusty Pentax ME Super that had just been serviced. I’ve made a few posts recently with material from this trip. I visited the once home and now museum of artist/sculptor Barbara Hepworth: A Visit to St Ives. I also visited the ancient Chun Quoit.

Lizard Point is a National Trust site, and billed by them as being the point where the English Channel meets the Atlantic. My visit was during perfect weather, it was coll with a fresh breeze, very invigorating, and making the sea interesting, but not in a “blow your head off” way. The sun was out, and it was clear. The Agfa Vista 200 performed well, and I was happy with the results.

The Lizard Lighthouse

The Lighthouse stands 19 meters tall, and on a clear night, has a beam that can be seen nearly 100 miles away! Turning about 180 degrees, but from the same spot, one gets the view below. The arrow points to a small black hut, that is now the Lizard Marconi Wireless Station and Museum also run by the NT. It was here that Marconi received radio signals from a similar of his huts from Niton on the Isle of Wight, 186 miles away!

Lizard Marconi Wireless Station and Museum

I walked down to the beach below the point – no need to scramble there is a steep path. Half way down made a photo through a window in a dis-used building that caught by eye. Eventually I reached sea level. There were sea lions and jelly fish, and a life boat station – plenty to photograph!

What a view!
The small bay at the end of the path!
The lifeboat station
Heavily Cropped – Sea Lion waving!

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