A Visit to St Ives

The beach at St Ives

Last week I made a post about Chun Quoit in Cornwall. Recently I watched a BBC documentary about the artist Barbara Hepworth, this reminded me of a visit I made to her once home, now studio, just a short distance away in St Ives. I dug out the negatives….

Trewyn studios, was purchased by Hepworth in 1949, and she lived there until her death in 1978. Upon her death, the studio and the works that remained there were gifted to the nation, and specifically the Tate Gallery in 1980. St Ives is something of an artists colony, there are many studios in the area, and post war, many artists came to live here, notably Ben Nicholson.

On this vacation to Cornwall I had taken my Pentax ME Super, at the time recently serviced, and running so smoothly. I couldn’t not take it! I also took my 28mm, 135mm as well as the 50mm F1.4. This was to be the most useful due to it’s wide aperture. The film was Agfa Vista 200, at the time available from Poundland. I don’t think I used the 135 at all on the trip, and have since traded it towards something else. The 28mm and the 50mm f1.4 I still have along with the camera, it’s one of my go to set ups, although maybe a little less these days, as I could really do with an eyecup with a dioptre to correct for my sight these days!

The Art of Barbara Hepworth #1
The Art of Barbara Hepworth #2
The Art of Barbara Hepworth #3
The Art of Barbara Hepworth #4

Both camera and film performed well, and enjoyed wandering around the house/studio/museum and indeed it’s garden outside. Perhaps the most moving was the covered glass studio, almost a greenhouse, it was almost as if Hepworth had just left and shut the door!

Hepworth’s Studio

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