Sculpture by the Lakes

During these dull dark days of winter, I enjoy looking back on photo’s taken on those warm sunny, summer days. Quite some time ago I made a visit to “Sculpture by the lakes” with my trusty Pentax ME Super.

This is a privately owned sculpture park, about 6 miles east of Dorchester, as the crow flies. It lies on the course of the river Frome, as it winds it’s way to the sea at Poole. Here it is used to form Pallington Lakes, and renowned sculptor Simon Gudgeon, has set many of his artworks in this beautiful 26 acre site.

On this trip the Pentax ME super performed as expected, and was loaded with the good old Agfa Vista 200 that was once available from Poundland – ohh those were the days. I should have invested and brought a stock to keep in the fridge! I would have saved myself a lot – that said, it might have deprived, budding film photographers, so in some way’s I’m glad I didn’t!

The park is not too far away from the World Famous, Bovington Tank Museum, but that’s for another future post!

It was a lovely visit and a very relaxing visit – I gather since my visit a new coffee shop has opened – perhaps a reason to re-visit this year!

2 thoughts on “ Sculpture by the Lakes

    1. Hi Mike, good to hear from you – hope all is well with you? Yes, there are some lovely sculptures there, his firebird is among my favourites too, along with “Search For Enlightenment”. Happy New Year! Cheers Andy


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