Changes afoot!

A foot, in shadow. Ferrania P30 Film

When I started this blog, I had no idea what I was doing – not least, whether I would loose interest in it within 6 months! I’m pleased to say that hasn’t happened and I fully intend to continue building it! In some way’s it’s my best photographic accessory!

Now as it approaches it’s second birthday, I can see some errors I made early on, some weak posts taking up room, and some sloppy organisation. So over the coming months I’ll be making a few small changes.

I’m not going to be hard on myself or make a huge job out of it, but I intend to start editing from the beginning of the blog. For every post I make, I hope to edit a previous one. In some cases this will be to correct a mistake, categorise (something I’ve been very sloppy about), in some cases delete a post all together. So If you want to “catch up” on my ramblings, now would be a good time to revisit the early stuff. Some of it will disappear!

I hope to start many posts with a prefix, rather like the last 6×6: post. Hopefully you will see 35mm: Super8: and others appearing more frequently. I may also move away from the “every other day” mode that I’ve been in since the start, with only a couple of occasions. The fact is, I wish to spend more time doing photography, and not “thinking something up to make a post about” – as has occasionally happened, simply to keep the “every other day format”. That doesn’t mean to say I intend to post less!!

Thanks for reading – much more to follow!

10 thoughts on “Changes afoot!

  1. Congrats on two years! But man, going back and editing old posts sounds like quite the undertaking. While I might fix something on an old blog post that comes up (usually when something in the post changes), I would dread going back and editing almost 20 years of posts!

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    1. Hello, many thanks! I think it sounds grander than it may actually turn out to be! In some cases it will be “press delete!”. The web has enough clutter without me adding to it! Best wishes – Andy


  2. Your efforts are appreciated. Most of the blogs I have followed have disappeared and there are days with no new material in sight. So it is nice to see a blogger making a conscious decision to improve the product.

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    1. Hi Mike! Many thanks, glad you still find it a worthwhile read! The hope is to improve the content and the quality rather than focussing on the quantity! All best wishes – Andy


  3. Welcome to “Phase 2” of blogging, where you realize all the things you should have been doing all along! This is a make-or-break point for a lot of bloggers an I am pleased to see that you are recommitting.

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    1. Hi Jim, Many thanks! I guess when one starts anything new, there is a learning curve. I’ve certainly had one of those with blogging! Despite video editing and the like, for a number of years, computing is not my natural space, as you may have gathered! I am however still very much enjoying blogging and yes, bring on “Phase 2!” – Cheers and a all best wishes – Andy


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