6×6: Avenue of Trees

I’ve had some recent “frustrations” with my photography. I think and hope that this is all down to me. I’ll detail those in another post, but for today, I’m in a happy mood amongst the trees! I had half a roll of FP4 left in the A12 Mag, so I set out for a quick session with the Hasselblad. So the first intention was to finish the roll so I had three rolls to develop in one session. This makes getting all the gear out, and mixing the fixer worthwhile. Second intention was to try out a, new to me 150mm lens that I’ve treated myself to. Third intention, just to enjoy doing some photography for half an hour. Pleased to report, all three done with success!

This avenue of trees is on the way to Bradbury Rings, a scheduled monument, and remains of an iron age hill fort. I’d did some panoramic images there, that you can read about here if you wish. It’s a 15 minute drive from where I live. About a third of the way along there is a free car park, always popular with dog walkers. It had been a nice start to the day, mainly sunny, by the time I parked up, the clouds had started to appear, and by the time I got back home, it had clouded over completely. So I got the best mix for the photo’s.

All images were made on Ilford FP4 and developed in DDX developer 9 mins at 20°1+4. I really enjoyed that hour or so, and must do it much more often!

Your truly!

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