Back on August 19th ’21, I made this photo of a Peace Lilly I’d recently purchased. I liked the shadows flowing from the bottom of the subject. It was one of my earlier posts. At some point it out-grew it’s pot, so I had to split it up and repot the bits. They grew!

1 became 5, and two of those could do with a split this spring. If this continues I’m going to be living in a jungle!

While in the zen mode of dusting, this got me thinking – the subject has certainly grown, have I as a photographer in the same time? I think yes. I find that making this blog keeps me out photographing when it would be all to easy to sit on the sofa. I’ve tried more film emulsions and a new developer I’d not used before. I’ve shot more film in the last year than ever. I have much better scanning facilities than ever and just as importantly I’ve got a working routine for scanning, that’s starting to get results that I like. This means that I’m having to do less work in photoshop. But that’s just the mechanics.

I think, more importantly, my “seeing eye” for want of a better saying, has improved. I can go back to often visited places and manage to find new photo’s that I’ve not seen before. I’m looking forward to this coming season, with the hope that I shall make even better images!

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