I just shot the last roll of my outdated HP5 batch. This one was un-boxed and I had no idea how it had been stored, it’s expiry date was 2008. I’ve had pretty good results, from the others, but I did wonder if I would get anything at all out of this one. In a funny sort of way, that was quite freeing – I just shot away in the XA2.

While out on a country walk, I came across a pylon. You may say and think that they are a bit of a blot on the landscape – I’d be inclined to agree. You may say that they are interesting – I’d agree. You may say that they are an interesting slightly abstract subject – I’d agree.

This roll I developed in DDX at 20°, for 8 mins, same as the others. This one turned out with very high base fog, to the point where the scanner couldn’t make up it’s mind where the frame gaps were! It was also quite heavy, and this brought out the grain. Perfect for the subject?

5 thoughts on “Pylons

    1. Hi, many thanks! I love the geometry of them! Your work with the “pre-plus” is great. Can’t tell that it’s out-of-date, never mind by 40 years!! – Good manufacture by Ilford and good processing by you! – Cheers and all best wishes Andy

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      1. Thanks Andy. I was very pleased with the results from that roll. I’ve got an even older roll of FP3(!) that dates to 1970, which will be the subject of another “Expiriment” one of these days. 🙂


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