First and Last in Hasselblad

Last post but one I wrote about how my Hasselblad seemed to have jammed itself whilst not being used in a bag. I made a “googled repair”, i.e. unjammed it! It was high time that I actually put a roll of film though it, so I set off on a lunchtime walk around Dorchester. I chose that my first roll of film though the camera would be my last roll of Fuji Across, the original emulsion. I brought a five pack and popped it in the fridge way back, and have used them up one by one in other cameras. This was my last roll ever!

The Thomas Hardy statue at the “top of town” was a good start. I’m pleased to report that the camera worked fine without any issues whatever, and nice even spacing. I processed the film in Ilford DDX 1+4 for 9 mins at 20°, and got a good set of negs.

I liked Fuji Across and am sorry that it’s been discontinued. Version 2 is certainly different, still a good film, but different. Apparently in the UK it is spooled and packaged by Ilford, it’s a jump to assume the film is made by Ilford – who knows! To be honest Ilford’s Delta 100 is a little cheaper and in my eyes just as good, so I can’t see me buying too much more “new” Across.

So long Fuji Across…. it was nice knowing you!

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