Fuji X-Pro 2

I like digital photography, I just like film photography more! I think I got my Fuji X-Pro2 back in 2018. It’s served me well for 5 years, still looks like new, perhaps that’s because I’ve made only 3100 images with it. My output has gone more and more back towards film. I have one other small compact Canon digital, but apart from that, this is my only digital camera. As such you’ve seen loads of images from it here on this blog – mostly of other cameras!

The top reveals most of the controls. Shutter speeds run from B right up to 8000th (mechanical) but up to 32000th electronic, although who needs that I’m not clear. Asa is from 200 up to 12800, that I did use once to photograph a visiting fox in our garden – you can read that here. The Asa can be extended down to 100 and up to 51200! The other control is exposure compensation, mine mainly lived on auto exposure and +3/4 stop compensation as shown.

The back has the LCD screen of course, and the hybrid viewfinder. It can be optical, optical with a digital frame overlay or fully digital. The sensor by the eyepiece can be set to automatically change between LCD and viewfinder, when the eye is brought to it. I guess what can’t be seen is the sensor is 24mp, and it has the Fuji colour palette. In other words pre-sets to replicate the typical colour palette of the Fuji range of films. Provia, Velvia, NPS, and so on. Interesting isn’t it, that their flagship range of digital cameras main selling point is that they look like their films!

I’ve recently read Richard Misrach’s book “Landscape and meaning”. A dedicated film photographer who has in recent years moved to digital. He makes some not only interesting comments about that, but also some new ones. I might do a post about that soon, but for now, let’s just say it was another push for me, so I’ve traded in my X-Pro 2 and brought the X-T5 that I had on a mini trial. Nothing much around here will change, I have quite a stock of colour film, I brought to beat the price increases, but as that runs out, I suspect I might slowly let digital take the “colour strain” – we’ll see.

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