A few shots of Llandudno

About 20 miles, half hour drive from St Asaph, is the seaside town of Llandudno. The town reminds me very much of my hometown of Weymouth. Late Victorian growth brought on by the coming of the railway. A few notables of history, in the case of Llandudno Sylvia Sleigh, born here in 1916.

I had a stroll along the seafront seen above looking East, and below looking West.

Dotted around the town are various sculptures relating to Alice and Wonderland. It’s connection to the town is the “real” Alice, Alice Pleasance Liddell. She started coming here for her summer holidays in 1861, and was the inspiration to Lewis Carrol. There is no evidence that he visited Llandudno at all! There is of course an app!

All images above made on Ilford XP2 Super, using a Nikon F3 with 35mm f2 attached.

2 thoughts on “A few shots of Llandudno

    1. Hi Shaun! Yes I know what you mean! I liked the colonnaded shops on the main street, but not on the promenade. Made more of a focus on the sea somehow. I thought it would have the feel of an old fading seaside town, but didn’t get that feel from it at all! Glad you liked the photo’s – few more to come! Best wishes, Andy


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