Into Wales with the Nikon F3

St Asaph Cathedral

During my holiday, having stayed just about 5 km from the Welsh border, I couldn’t not go! I set off and crossed the River Dee at “Queensferry” and then along the A55, otherwise known as the North Wales Expressway. My plan was to visit St Asaph, a brief visit to the seaside town of Llandudno, then a short hop to Conwy for the castle, then on to Bodnant Gardens, and then back home – a full day!

Having visited Chester Cathedral, then Liverpool Cathedral, (biggest in the UK) I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see St Asaph, the smallest in the UK. It couldn’t have been easier! Two minutes off the main road, carpark right next door with plenty of space. Out came the Nikon F3, 35mm f2 attached – of course my usual “cathedral film” Ilford XP2 and in I went!

Choir Practise

Inside was totally un-expected! I had arrived during a practise for what I later discovered was the opera “Gelert“. The first performance was scheduled for 2:30pm in Welsh while the evening performance at 7:30 was to be in English. The snippets I heard sounded terrific and whilst I’m not a great opera fan, I would have loved to have heard it, especially in Welsh. I did have time, and just enough access without making too much of a nuisance of myself to see some cathedral highlights.

Although a cathedral, I have been in many regular churches that are bigger! I have to say though, there was a real charm here that I enjoyed! Interestingly, there is a continuous list of organists dating from 1620! Next visit of the day Llandudno.

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