More of Liverpool Cathedral

The Altar at Liverpool Cathedral

There are surprises in Liverpool Cathedral. Above is the altar, a rather strait documentary shot – here is “The Altar at Liverpool Cathedral, September 2022”, but looping behind I found interesting things!

The Chapter House

The Chapter house was smaller and plainer than I’d imagined, but at the same time had a cosiness to it that I thought was a pleasant change. Below, having walked behind the high altar, there were a flight of steps leading up to it, that made an interesting image.

Up to the high altar

The corridor takes one to a gallery looking down into the Lady Chapel. This was actually the first phase of the cathedral to be completed, and was consecrated in 1910. It was to be called the Morning Chapel, re-named it contains lots of stained glass showing women who have contributed to the faith or society. It was it’s size that surprised me!

The Lady Chapel

Descending down the steps to the entrance..

The Lady Chapel

Just inside, look at those inlay marble floor decorations! I’d love to know what they represent – I can’t think of anything other than 35mm film! (of course!)

35mm ?

Back up the top of the stairs is a lovely sculpture that seems to be actually in the wall structure of the building!

The font lid is suspended on a cantilever system and can be raised and lowered easily, apparently! It seems to stretch upward like a ballistic missile! That was almost the end of my circumnavigation of the cathedral. Just by the exit, is the personal cypher of Elizabeth and Philip, to mark their attendance at the service of dedication in October 1978. My visit was in the same week as her funeral.

7 thoughts on “More of Liverpool Cathedral

  1. Hi Andy, The ’35mm’ inlays on the Lady Chapel floor are, I am told, to mark the start of processionals along the aisle. the half way mark to the alter is also inlaid in a similar fashion and can be seen in longer shots of the aisle. Not sure whether you already do but with all your travelling around the country and excellent images have you considered posting them on If you have not come across them before it is worth a look.

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    1. Hello Ed! I’d guessed the placement was to mark the “processionals” but haven’t been able to find anything that explains the design. Perhaps it is just a “pretty pattern” that has no meaning? Thanks also for the link to the geograph site. I knew knew nothing of it – so I might just have a closer look at that! It would be interesting to locate some empty squares and help fill in! All best wishes Andy


      1. The image of steps leading up to an altar … thought about the focus being on the stairs rather than the altar and how one can think of the process (walking up) rather than the goal (the altar) being more important. Or … if one focused on the altar, the reverse would have been true. Just an observation.

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      2. Hello! Indeed, often I’ve found that the journey is more interesting/important than the goal. In fact I’ve found more than once, that the goal wasn’t the goal at all in the end, and turned out to be something quite different!! Best wishes – Andy


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