Return to Ness

Last week I wrote about my visit to Ness Botanical Gardens here. I took my Pentax ME Super with most of a roll of Kodak Colour Plus in it. I used it up and needed more! As it was just a couple of miles from where I was staying on holiday, I made a second visit. This time with my Nikon F3 loaded with a roll of Ilford Delta 400.

Ness is partly a study facility for Liverpool University, below is the Brian Moss Mesocosm Facility. I didn’t know what that was either! So a quick visit to google reveals Mesocosm : “any outdoor experimental system that examines the natural environment under controlled conditions”. Here research is being carried out on how natural environments adapt to global warming, so basically each “tank” is an artificial pond. You can read more here.

There is also a small solar farm, and a building constructed using no adhesives. After this I got carried away with a clump of bamboo!

Both camera and film behaved as expected, and I got some decent results. Last exposure of the day once again found me in the undergrowth, this time under some Gunnera near a lake! Apparently there are 63 species!!

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