Speke Hall

North Front of Speke Hall

My visit to Speke Hall was full of surprises. First of all to get there I ended up driving over the Mersey Gateway Bridge, opened in 2017. It’s £4 each way to cross and carries the A533 towards Liverpool. Had there have been a place to stop I would have made a couple of photo’s, it’s impressive! I had to pay the toll via the net once I got home. Once at the hall, I was surprised how close it was to Liverpool.

Speke Hall was begun in 1530 by Sir William Norris, although there were other buildings on the site before that. It’s a wood-framed wattle-and-daub Tudor manor house, owned by the National Trust and is now one of the best standing examples of it’s type. Of course the white and black just screams for monochrome photography. Luckily my Nikon F3 was loaded with some FP4. As I’ve recently said I seem to be using my 35mm f2 lens as standard these days, so most of today’s photo’s were taken with it too!

possibly my favourite photo of the day!

Of course I have more photo’s of Speke Hall to post but I’ll break them up a bit rather than make a mega post! Watch this space as they say!

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