Unexpected Chester

Having already told you about my adventures walking the roman walls of Chester, followed by a roll of XP2 in the cathedral, aware that I was burning through film at a rate that will keep Ilford very happy – I decided to load in a roll of expired, 20 year old FP4 movie stock, to see the day out!

Upon leaving the cathedral I made my way into the shopping centre, then back up onto the walls at Eastgate complete with it’s clock. The clock tower is made of wrought iron and was designed by the local architect John Douglas. It was erected to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria. I also liked the rail iron work.

from the south
from the north
Iron Work
Chester from the eastgate

Back up on the wall the first revelation was the modern (1975) cathedral bell tower. Designed by George Pace, once architect to York cathedral, it’s a striking design that reminds me of Scandinavia. It’s official name is the Addleshaw Tower. Interestingly it is the first bell tower to built separate from the cathedral in England since the 15th century!

Addleshaw Tower

Continuing along the wall I eventually made it back to Northgate, where I basically started. The outside the walls to a vinyl store, this meant a walk past the bus station, through a underpass that had a middle section with mini Singapore style plant supports – loved those! Then past a block of flats that just cried black and white!

And so ended my time in Chester. I did make it to the zoo, but that’s another story! (and roll of film!)

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