The Source of the Winterborne

St Mary’s Church – Winterborne Stickland

For those of you who have been following this little journey. I used my roll of Kodak Ektachrome E100 in my Canon EOS30 with the 40mm STM attached…. This is the 3rd and final part…

Winterborne Stickland

.. Is also recorded in the Domesday book. These days, has a population of around 600. The church of St Mary’s is built with alternating bands of stone and local flint. Bits of it date from the 1300’s (the nave and chancel), the tower is a bit older from around the 1500’s. The main point of note is the double sun dial above the porch, complete with roman numerals.

St Mary’s Church – Winterborne Stickland, Sundial

Winterborne Houghton

We leave Winterborne Stickland via Water Lane, heading east. The last small village is Winterborne Houghton. Even smaller, the records from 2011 show there were 82 households with a total population of 183. Back in 2001 the population was 195, so it’s shrinking! Just before the village is Houghton Springs Fish Farm, the word “springs” give us a clue that right around here lies the source of the Winterborne. The fish farm is right by the side of the lane!

Houghton Springs Fish Farm
St Andrew’s – Winterborne Houghton

St Andrews Church looks old but in fact only days from 1861. It is true that is was largely built out of the rubble from an older 13th Century church that once stood on the same spot. Inside it’s font is it’s only real point of note. None the less the church was listed for protection in 1955. Like most small villages, the church is often the only point of real, public interest.

St Andrew’s – Winterborne Houghton (2)
Inside St Andrew’s – Font

Above this point there are only the odd traces of a possible stream, dotted here and there, in the bottom of this valley. We have reached the diffused source. The water flows down from the surrounding hills, mainly in wintertime, no doubt this fall the rains will begin, and once again the river Winterborne, with or without it’s “U” will flow again, from somewhere near this point!

Thatched Cottage – Higher Winterborne Houghton
The Source – or close enough!

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