Kodacolor 200

A box from history!
Olympus Mju II

A while ago I wrote about my mini Olympus collection, amongst which is the Mju II. I’ve just run another film through it – this time the Kodacolor 200 (left), which had an expiry date of 2002! I had to do a little work of colour correction in photoshop, but not a huge amount. The contrast is up a bit too, and it didn’t help that I shot it on a sunny contrasty day – but even so I’m pleased with the results for the age of the film!

As I think I mentioned last time, I think I’ll run a black and white through it next and take it with me for a while in my work bag – just to photograph what I happen to see around and about and to see how it handles black and white. The last two shots were taken just as we reached the end of Pride Month.

2 thoughts on “Kodacolor 200

    1. Hello Mike, I quite agree about the Olympus lenses, in fact I’d go further and say I’ve never come across a poor one of any size! Even the standard 50mm on my old OM10 was great. As for the film, well it’s far too contrasty and the shadows have blocked up, but then it is old! It served it’s purpose! All best wishes – Andy


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