Quick Visit to Sherborne

The Conduit, once a monks wash house, now in the market place! Sherborne

Sherborne is a small, sleepy town, just in Dorset. Another few miles north and you’d be in Somerset. It’s not a long way from home, but it’s a fiddly drive, not really on my route to anywhere, and frankly has nothing there that draws me in, so I tend not to visit too often. It does have a church built in the warm local sandstone, that seems to have been demoted throughout it’s life. A Cathedral, from it’s founding in 705, then an Abbey from 998, now “just” a parish church from 1539.

I stopped off here on my way elsewhere, for a quick coffee and had time for a short walk with my Pentax ME Super, and a few frames of Agfa Vista 200, to finish the roll!

Cathedral, Abbey, now Church
complete with statues
The alms-houses of Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist: founded in 1437

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