Madeira 2019

Heavens knows what type of fish these are!

In 2019 I made a trip to Madeira, it is an autonomous region of Portugal, one of two, the other being the Azores. This was my “digital period” – sort of. I still used film, but this was the lull of my usage and before I saw sense, and came back to it! On this trip I was using a Panasonic G6, which was a great camera to travel with, it’s size and spec were good, I wonder why I ever changed it! My lenses were the kit 14- 42mm which in 35mm speak translates to about 28-84mm. Most of my photo’s were made with this, but I also had the 45-150mm (90-300mm) and a “Leica” 25mm Macro, which I used for only a couple of photo’s.

Panasonic G6

I see these days it is possible to pick one up for about £160, “like new” and even cheaper with wear, it’s a bargain for anyone who want to shoot digital. I took it on a few trips, and certainly it paid for it’s self. Below are some of the photo’s that I made in the black and white mode. Some with a small amount of editing, levels and that sort of thing. I have deliberately not included any typical “holiday” photo’s that you can see anywhere on good old google!

We sell coke!
Pots and stone
Door Art
Down by the docks
Gull Chorus
Sleeping hands
Cubist landscape
Stairs, Windows and Lights

This is a fully colour photo – no computer “giggery pokery!”

Next time I go COLOUR!

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