Madeira 2019 in colour!

Gardens – Monte Palace, Madeira

I had a wonderful vacation on Madeira back in 2019 and took my then digital camera along with me. I made some photo’s in black and white and wrote about them here. Now it’s the turn of colour!

Japanese Gardens – Monte Palace, Madeira
Topiary – Monte Palace, Madeira

The Monte Palace Garden in Madeira occupies an area of 70.000 square meters and houses an huge exotic plant collection, from all over the world. I arrived from Funchal via cable car – it’s halfway up a small mountain! On our visit there was also an exhibition entitled ‘African Passion’ which was part of a collection of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture from the period 1966 to 1969. Below is one of the over 1000 on show!

‘African Passion’
Colour Contrast from the hotel balcony at night
A pool by the sea!
Up in the mountains
In the clouds
In Funchal
Having a laugh!
At the market
Fish – a messy business!

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