Pilford Heath

Pilford Heath Show

A couple of years ago I went to the Pilford Heath Transport and Heritage Group Show. They are a non- profit organisation with a passion for all transport and heritage, mostly steam. Here is Dorset we hold the “Great Dorset Steam Fair” (also known by locals as “Stourpaine” as that’s actually the closest village) I’ve been many times. That fair is widely regarded as being the largest in the world of it’s type, and is spectacular. In a way that is also it’s failing, the last time I attempted to go I gave up! The traffic was horrendous, I didn’t move an inch on the main road for a hour and eventually gave up and went home! This event is closer to home and very much the smaller relation – it’s also much more relaxed!

Sadly it didn’t happen last year, and I don’t think the year before that either due to Covid. It has been announced however that it should go ahead this year – I’ve written it in my calendar, and if it does go ahead – I’ll be there! The announcement did prompt me to look back at my last visit when I took along my Konica Hexar AF. Nice and light and fast. I exposed a couple of rolls of colour negative (Agfa Vista), this was my “Poundland Special” film of choice while it lasted. Although it carried the name Agfa, by then Agfa (proper) was long out of business, so I suspect it was actually budget Fuji 200 spooled into Agfa branded cassettes! Certainly the edge markings look like it. Of course a roll of 24 exposures for £1 couldn’t last, I long used up all mine! Anyway here are a few photo’s from that event – I hope to be able to make more this year!

An engine made by William Foster and Co, Lincoln, England – in red
An engine made by William Foster and Co, Lincoln, England – in blue
“Mind yer toes!”
Lawn mower racing! Who knew they could go that fast!! I must get one.

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