Lake Granvinvatnet, Voss, Norway, Scandinavia circa 1993!

Being me, I’ve found possibly the worst possible photographic technique suitable, for the application in hand – namely panoramic images in a post on a blog. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a true skill that’s taken years to develop!

The panoramic above was exposed back in 1993, I think. I stopped off very briefly in Voss in Norway. With me I had my Samsung AF Slim compact camera loaded with Kodak Gold 200asa. As soon as I saw the view, I did what seemed the natural thing – clicked away. I made 5 images, working left to right. I can’t remember how I thought I’d put them together, I suspect that I may have had a PC by then, and I might have had a basic version of photoshop too. I seem to remember “PhotoDeluxe” by Adobe. Any one else have any memories of that? I think it was what came before Photoshop Elements. Anyway, before that I had physically trimmed and stuck photo’s together with glue! I finally got around to stitching these together this week after scanning them. Only 29 years to compile!

In a related but not connected incident, I was chatting to a work colleague before Christmas about printing, and it transpired he owns a 3D printer – something I have no knowledge of at all. It was an interesting chat, the biggest surprise to me was how relatively cheap they have become, so quickly. I mentioned that these printers have made many things possible that before would have been very ponderous to make – I gave the example of adaptors for putting 35mm film though a 120 camera. A few days ago, a gift – low and behold a 35mm adaptor!

35mm in a 120 – yes no problem!

It seems that “not all 35mm film cassettes are made equal” this was made to a Kodak cassette that fit’s it perfectly. Ilford has a different core and does not fit, so I need to do a tiny bit of trimming. Equally strange is that although it is EXACTLY the same length and width as a 120 spool, the take up spool also needs a little shaved off to fit in, minor work though. I look forward to having a play with it soon, and a big thank you to my work colleague, you know who you are!


Another thing I hadn’t even thought about it that is something blocky is required it is not necessary to print it in solid form. This is what the inside of a cube might look like, in order to save materials and weight.

I think my Fuji 690 will be the ideal camera to try it in, so watch this space. I’ll post some results here as soon as I’ve tried it!

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