Pinhole – Dorchester

Not only is this my first ever pinhole image – it’s my first ever real blog post! A while back, I was taken by some images that I’d seen online and thought- that looks fun to try. So from a well known UK online retailer, I brought myself an Ilford pinhole kit. Basically a box that comes with stickers, but has the all important very tiny hole cut in the front. It came complete with 10 sheets of Ilford Delta 100 5×4 film, and an exposure calculator. From memory I think the exposure was about 30 secs, with an aperture of f64 according to my maths (which might well be incorrect).

As I have no developing tank for 5×4, development was in two plastic seed trays! As this was something of a first experiment, I used the same chemicals I’d just used to process a couple of rolls of 35mm. Whilst I agree it’s not going to win any awards, I was pretty pleased with the result.

Scanned with a Canoscan, in two halves as that scanner can only cope with 120 film width, stitched back together in photoshop, then the usual levels to make something presentable.

The Corn Exchange, Dorchester. Pinhole image – Ilford Delta 100.

2 thoughts on “Pinhole – Dorchester

    1. Thanks Mike, Sorry for the long delay in reply, still finding my way around here! I hope to do more pinhole in the future – perhaps on 120! Maybe even a home made device!!! Cheers Andy


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