6×6: Another Roll of Fuji Reala

I was born and raised in the seaside town of Weymouth on the South Coast (UK). For a while it was host to the International Firework Competition, we had some spectacular displays out in the bay. One day I hatched the idea of making a photo with the “Jubilee Clock” (Queen Victoria) in the foreground with the fireworks behind.

Off I set camera and tripod in hand – got set up and waited for the fireworks to start. I checked everything was ready, then maybe 10 seconds before the fireworks began, all the lights along the seafront, including the clock, were turned off! Fail!

The next week I set off again. This time I set the same settings i.e. bulb, but this time I made an exposure of the clock, popped the lens cap back on, shutter still open. Waited for the display to get going, took the cap off, exposed for the fireworks, then cap back on, and finished the exposure. Then I opened the shutter again, made another exposure of fireworks, put the cap back on, waited till the end of the display and the lights came back on, made the exposure for the clock.

I was never really happy that the fireworks were to the left of the clock and not behind it. Unfortunately, this was the last display of the season. The next year I set off with my 35mm, and a slightly longer lens – and nailed it! When I find the 35mm slide, I’ll post it!!

The take away here is: “If at first you don’t succeed -don’t take up hang-gliding!”

(Choose something else like photography that you can practice at and get better at without risk to life and limb!)

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