Not all my cameras have been small!

This post is a trip down (camera) memory lane! It is prompted directly from reading the “Fogdog” blog written by John Smith. Have a read of his post “Big Cameras“! It prompted me to dig out a few old photo’s of me in my “movie days”! The above is me whilst filming Prince Charles (as he was then) playing Polo. You can’t see but I’m atop a scaffold tower! Below I’m filming a promo for something or other that I’ve long forgotten about! It may have been a film festival weekend promo, as my good friend Darren is in one of the shots!

Those were the days! Amazing to think that my Fuji X-T5, whilst not exactly pocketable, would produce better resolution images than any of the above mammoths. Having said that, other things than resolution come into play sometimes! In fact the XT5 is smaller and lighter than the battery pack for the top camera!

I had a little short break over Easter. I did get out and do a bit of photography. The films still to be processed. It looks like the weather on Thursday is going to be poor so that might be a good day to get processing. Results will be here soon!

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