More from the XA2

I’ve been decidedly un-inspired these last couple of weeks! It’s been dull and dismal, and it’s effected my mood. To combat this I decided to load a roll of film into the little Olympus XA2 and keep it with me. What that means in practice is, it’s in my pocket as I walk back and forth to work from where I park the car! I simply made photo’s of things that took my attention. The scene above made me smile. A whole bunch of people living in flats, all putting their bin out the same way around – except one. I bet he or she is the most interesting to talk to.

As I get older I think I am starting to suffer a little from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). I never used to, perhaps I need to move to Mexico! As I sit writing this, the sunshine is pouring in the window, even for a few minutes, seems to lift my mood! Spring is around the corner, out with the macro lens and the colour film! Can’t come quickly enough!!

4 thoughts on “More from the XA2

  1. I gues, out of the twenty or so bin owners, one prefers practicality of moving their bin over ease of filling it. 🙂

    I like to carry a camera in my pocket too. I’m carrying an old Canon Sure Shot Supreme at present and just finished a roll of expired Provia 100 in it (now replaced by some HP5+). It’s nice to get a roll of semi random pictures back, sometimes months after you started shooting them.

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    1. Hi! The Canon Sureshot Supreme is one of the best compacts of all time! Wonderful lens. I just picked up a Canon 35AFM for a £5, but sadly the shutter seems to be up-the-creek. When it does fire the focus is very suspect according to the viewfinder display too, so I’ve given up on that one! Not that I need another compact, or camera for that matter!! Cheers and best wishes, Andy

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