Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Creation

Continuing on with my re-visit, i.e. scanning negs from the 1990’s – I reach Grand Canyon. I’ve been very lucky to have visited again after this, but that first glance into the huge, expansive canyon, takes some beating. The image above is a photoshop creation. Back in the day when confronted with such a view, and a simple 35mm compact, the obvious thing to do was to take an image left, an image right, have a decent overlap, cut up the prints and stick them together with a piece of Sellotape! 27 (?) years later of course we have scanners and photoshop. The two images above were taken slightly apart from each other, so as such this photo couldn’t be taken, only the foreground would differ slightly. For the record all the images below are single, un-tampered with frames.

Cameron Trading Post

I didn’t drive at the time, so I took a coach trip from Flagstaff, in some ways being able to sit back and watch the scenery was great. First stop was Cameron Trading Post, on highway 89. It’s near the junction to turn west towards the canyon. Quick comfort stop over it was onto the canyon.

Desert View Watchtower
Mather Point – (part now fallen off!)
Me at the Canyon
Over the Canyon

I had a terrific time at the canyon, so much so that I made another visit, but that’s another story, and another decade!

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