Fuji X-T5 – Digital Attraction

When I started this blog it was with FILM images and photography in mind. I have digital cameras, and use them, but there is something about film that works for me on a deeper level. I’m not sure that I could verbalise more than that, other than to say, there is something emotional about film that works for me. Will I ever be without a film camera? No. Will film remain the main subject of this blog? Yes.

I have a Fuji X-Pro2 which is my main digital camera. I’m lucky to have such a camera, and I realise that. It’s under used. It’s a terrific camera and I should do more with it. One of these days I’ll do a write up about it. Despite that I’ve been looking at the Fuji X-T5. I had a chance to take one for a walk, and to just make a few photo’s in my usual mode. Mainly just wandering about!

I made a dozen exposures and I’m reminded of a quote I once read, that went something like this… “Digital is the coming of age of colour – black and white was perfect already”. Amen. If anyone reading this has ever tried to make a good colour print in a darkroom, you’ll know what I mean. I will endeavour to find where the quote comes from so I can attribute it. The image above was not made with a macro lens, just the regular 18-55mm lens – I realize the image is mediocre, that’s due to me, BUT scroll down…

It would be impressive if was cropped out of this image wouldn’t it? It wasn’t. I was from the image below!

How far has digital come? I’m stunned by this camera – to me, it’s a generational jump. Might this be the biggest step (for the money) since the original Canon 5D? I think so. I only made a few images but can report the auto focus is impressive, fast and accurate and shows you in the viewfinder what it’s focused on. The level of detail is, put simply, incredible. If anyone reading this has used a lot of cameras actively, when I say “the camera doesn’t get in the way”, you’ll know what I mean. Best quality jpeg images gives file sizes of between 15 – 20 Mb per image. Raw is off the chart, but I rarely use raw, life’s too short.

So am I tempted to get one? You bet! I haven’t committed, but it’s on my radar. I can see a future of B/W FILM in the Nikon F3 and colour with the X-T5. Time to get out the wallet? Watch this space!! 🙂

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