A few from the London Archive

When I was 10 years old the junior school that I attended organised a trip to London. I took my then 126 camera with me and used a whole roll of 24 pictures! I still have a few of them somewhere. In those days one could walk up Downing Street! When I was 13, and by then in senior school, I made my first trip to London, on my own! The thought of a 13 year old going to London by themselves today would make the hair of any parent stand on end, but these were different times, that, and I never told my parents. That was the start of a love affair with London, over the years I’ve been many, many times. I always took a camera with me of course, and for no particular reason always took a roll or two of B+W with me.

The images in this post date from the late 80’s, maybe early 90’s, who knows what combination of camera and lens was used – it doesn’t matter anyway! I can tell you, thanks to edge markings that the film on this occasion was Kodak T Max 400.

One of these days I’m going to scan all the images I’ve made in London and make up a book. Perhaps a job for this coming winter? (or next, or retirement).

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