The Dress in the Window

When I left work last night, it was the first time I’ve walked back to the car, with a bit of daylight still in the sky. It’s a sure sign that the seasons are moving along. I haven’t done much photography over the winter, I haven’t really been anywhere much, other than work. I haven’t been inspired by anything I’ve seen locally either. One exception was the above “dress in the window”! It is on display in a wedding store window, and it glows. I thought “I’ve got to photograph it before it becomes too light” – not a situation I normally face for sure. The opportunity presented itself when I had a roll of Ilford HP5 part used, that I was pushing to 800. I exposed the last three or four shots, and finished off the roll. The result is OK, but I wasn’t thrilled. I also shot a roll of Portra 800 recently, that I think got closer to the result I was trying for!

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