Delta 100 @ Buildwas Abbey

The Congregation (order) of Savigny started in northern France, in the Diocese of Coutances. It originated in 1105 when Vitalis of Mortaine established a hermitage in the forest at Savigny, France. Amazing only 30 years later they founded Buildwas Abbey on the banks of the River Severn, in Shropshire. Only 12 years later, it was absorbed into the austere Cistercian order. History moves quickly!

Like most, the Abbey was destroyed during the 1536 Dissolution of the Monasteries. Most of it is now under the care of English Heritage, and is free to wander. Although there is a car parking charge is you choose to visit. I say most of it, as some of it is not open to the public as it was incorporated into a large country mansion right next door.

I visited with my Nikon F3, loaded with a roll of Ilford’s Delta 100. This turned out to be the correct choice! It turned out to be a bright sunny day, which meant that there were deep shadows as well as bright highlights. The film seemed to cope well, and I did a reasonable job in exposure.

I processed the film in Ilford’s DDX developer for the recommended 10.5 mins with a dilution of 1-4, at 20°. I got a good set of negs, it seems to be a good combination of developer and film.

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