10 Favourite of the year?

It’s that time of year for a quick review and a look forward. I have made many more images this year on film. In fact about the only digital images I’ve made are photo’s of lenses and cameras to post here! If I discount those, then this year it must be about 98% film! As I’ve said before it’s not that I’ve got anything against digital, I’m just preferring film at the moment. I do have a reasonable stock of colour film in the fridge to use up, so nothing is going to change quickly, although I think that as I do use it up, digital might take the strain of the colour. Mainly due to cost, although I shall still treat myself to the odd roll here and there. Black and white however I shall always do – I think I prefer it anyway!

I started last year with the intention of using one of my cameras a month. I didn’t get too far with that, but I think I’m going to try and do at least one decent write-up a month. Let’s see how far I get! I also have quite a number of photo projects/trips that I’d like to do this coming year. Covid, poor energy levels and downright laziness have ruled recently, and as a result my fitness has declined, so next year will be time to do something about that too!

My life has also become too cluttered with “stuff”. Next year is time for a good clear-out. I have remnants of many past hobbies, things that came and went. I have too much “stuff”, too many books I never look at, too many clothes I never wear, too many DVD’s / bluray’s I never watch. Dare I say too many cameras too! I did a post about GAS this year, and did clear out a boxful of cameras, that helped pay for the Hasselblad I purchased, so something like 8 became 1. I think it might be a project I need to repeat!

I certainly intend to keep blogging, it’s the one thing that has motivated me to keep shooting! I love the fact that people, from different countries have looked at my images. The USA has topped the charts, and that thrills me, as I do have a love for the place and it’s people. That was cemented during my first visit years ago. But I’m equally thrilled that I’ve had visitors form the likes of Equator, Columbia, Hungry, Romania, and it especially warms my heart to see Ukraine on the list too!

Above is an image taken from a slide film, my first for decades! That was an enjoyable day out and I have an idea for a sequel this coming year! To make a selection of just 10 images of course is almost impossible. I seem to remember writing the same thing, this time last year. 10 best photo’s taken? 10 best landscapes? 10 best street? 10 best colour? 10 best B/W? Should be just 10 best images (full stop I suppose!).

As I get to this point I realise that not only is there not a portrait amongst these images – so far there isn’t a single person in the images! Interesting! I’ve taken images with people in, I’ve made a couple of portraits too! Interesting that none of them made my quickly made selection of “10 favourite images posted” – maybe next year!

I’ve put a link under each photo in case you should want to see the related photo’s and text, from the original post in which they appeared!

2 thoughts on “10 Favourite of the year?

  1. I need to put (virtual) pen to paper and write my own review of the year post. I normally post it on New Year’s Eve each year, so not long to go now!

    Hope you’ve had a merry Christmas and that you have a happy New Year and 2023!

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    1. Hello, yes a good Christmas here thanks – and I hope that you and yours did too? I hope to get myself going with a few new photo projects in the New Year, so looking forward to 2023 with high hopes!! The road to hell…… 🙂 With all best wishes for 2023 – Andy

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