A Frosty Start

A couple of mornings ago I went out to get in the car and it was frosty, very frosty. It’s rare in these parts (Bournemouth, South-Coast UK) that we get a heavy frost and even rarer that we have the start of a hoar frost. So rare in fact that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one before! The name “hoar” comes from old English relating the appearance of white beard like hair!

The sun was up – so there was no time for faffing about, I grabbed my little pocket digital – yes I have one! It’s a Canon IXUS 185, tiny little thing, but performs well when I need that sort of thing! I use it so little that in fact when I looked at the handful of images on the card, the last ones were Christmas last year! What is truly impressive is that the battery was still showing full, and I don’t remember charging it since, although that of course doesn’t mean I haven’t!!!

As I sit typing this, it’s spotting with snow outside, and I have the music from the Lord of the Rings trilogy playing. It’s the first time this year I’m feeling seasonal. I like Christmas, but not in September when the local shops seem to think the season begins. As I get older I also find I am getting more rebellious at the commercialism of it. The crass sell sell sell is not for me. The giving of a gift that has some thought to it, the family with which I am surrounded, friends, and the sharing of nice food made with love, is more me. Seasons Greetings!

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