Museum Steps

I dived into the Museum of Liverpool, like a drenched river rat into his hole! Just inside the door are a few chairs, I took one, and proceeded to dry off as best I could with two tissues. I loaded a fresh roll of Ilford Delta 400 into my Nikon F3 with the 35mm lens attached. Without moving off the chair I made the image below. I’m hesitant to say that I thought the central stair case was the best thing in the museum but it certainly fascinated me. I loved the sweep and the shapes. In my humble opinion, great modern architecture.

8 thoughts on “Museum Steps

    1. Hi Mike, Nice to hear from you again! Yes, sometimes I get the choice right – other times spectacularly wrong! I was pleased with the results of the stairs I have to say. Just for fun, when I come to the end of my Liverpool holiday images, I might make a choice of my favourite 10. All the best – Andy


    1. Hello! Wow, we must have both stood on the same two floor tiles! Small world! I like your image very much. Compared to my similar shot I think you have captured the sweep of the arc better – very nice! All the best – Andy

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    1. Hi Mike, Well that’s high praise indeed! Many thanks! Sometime over this winter I intend to “boot up” the enlarger and make a few proper silver gelatine prints. It will be my first in years. No doubt you’ll know when that happens as I’ll post here. I’d be happy to make a print for you! All best regards Andy

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