ME Super around town

The Casterbridge Hotel Dorchester

It may be hard to believe but I don’t always have a camera with me. Whenever I don’t I always “see” photo’s. When this happens I make a mental note, and seek them out when I do have a camera! Before I went away on holiday I had half a roll in the Pentax ME Super that I wanted to finish it up before I left, and I’d accumulated enough photo’s in my head to do the job – these photo’s fall into that category!

The Craft Shop – seen better days
Church Door

There is a church in the centre of Dorchester that is not used as a place of worship, but a store for the museum. I suspect there is more in storage that on display in the museum – it’s a big church. Above is one of the small side doors, right by the crossing I pass everyday. Below is a small courtyard that is a cut through to one of the car parks.

Nappers Mite
Black and White

The stop sign above I pass every night about 5:30pm or so, it’s shadowed by buildings all around and it’s surprising how small the window of opportunity is, all year to get the face shadow free – I nearly got it! It’s really me noticing the light rather than a decent photo! Directly above is the corner of a house I often pass. Obviously this is a black and white image, but you wouldn’t notice colour if you were there! The house is painted white, the drainpipe black, as are the retaining circles. I also like the net curtain and the reflection how they fall!

Morning light catches the Old Mill

2 thoughts on “ME Super around town

  1. Hi Andy, Do you think that the niche at the top of the church door was put there to let the Bishop’s mitre through? I smiled when I saw it and could think of no other reason.

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    1. Hi Ed! Yes, quite possibly! Especially as it’s a tiny doorway – can’t be more than 5 foot tall! You need room for a hat, at that height!! Hope you are keeping well – all best wishes Andy


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