Chester Cathedral on XP2 Super

Chester Cathedral and Stephen Broadbent Sculpture

It will be no surprise to regular readers that I shot a roll of XP2 while visiting Chester and it’s cathedral. At the time of my visit it was the smallest cathedral I’d visited, and the first to be made of a darker colour stone. In this case Keuper Sandstone, both of these factors made for a very different feel.

Below is an image of the consistory court, a unique survivor having started it’s life in 1632, surprisingly heard it’s last case in only 1930!

The Consistory Court in Chester Cathedral
The usual view down the Nave

Interestingly the building of the nave started in 1323, but ground to a halt during the plague and wasn’t completed until 150 years later.

The Organ
A radiator!

As usual I enjoyed wandering about with my camera. In this case it was the Nikon F3. I used the 24mm for the photo of the court, but I think the 35mm for everything else. I had trouble scanning this film. It took me ages to get the setting correct to get some decent blacks. For some reason either myself or the scanner wasn’t on par – most lightly me! I got there in the end!! Below is perhaps my favourite image of the visit.

2 thoughts on “Chester Cathedral on XP2 Super

    1. Hello Fred! Thank you, very kind comments. I do like a decent black in black and white! After all it’s not called grey and grey is it? I do like XP2 very much but did have a struggle to scan this roll for some reason, got there in the end! All best wishes Andy

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