Rievaulx Abbey

Rievaulx Abbey, as approached from the car park!

While on my first “proper” visit to Yorkshire I made a visit to Rievaulx Abbey. It was one of the first Cistercian Abbey’s to be founded in England, and the first in the North of England, sometime around 1130. Like most, Rievaulx was “dissolved” (or “suppressed” seems to be the “new” word in use), history records this very accurately as 3 December 1538.

A closer view

These days, it is under the protection of English Heritage. On-site, there is a small exhibition/museum, which conveys the it’s story very well and protects, some of the few delicate remaining details well.

Fragments of glass

Meanwhile outside, one can wander freely amongst the ruins at will. I had my trusty Pentax ME Super with me. I think all of these images were made on the standard 50mm f1.7 lens.

Looking toward the altar area
.. and slightly further back
A small part of the remaining cloister

If you would like to read a little more about the Abbey, English Heritage have a very good website, that includes some artists impressions of what the place would have looked like in it’s heyday. Just click here! English-Heritage Rievaulx Abbey.

2 thoughts on “Rievaulx Abbey

    1. Hi Peggy! From what I remember it was at the end of a quite long narrow country road – but as you say, well worth the journey. A lovely sense of peace! All best wishes – Andy


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