2 thoughts on “Forgotten Pilford (on Ilford)

  1. That must’ve been a nice surprise – finding some pictures you’d forgotten about.

    I’m still disappointed that I missed the Lincoln steam rally a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time it had been open since the start of the pandemic and I was looking forward to the day out. But then I broke my ankle…

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    1. Hello – well, yes, it was more a case of “Oh I’d forgotten those! It must be an age thing, I’ve just finished a roll of Delta 100, half used in one of my other cameras, no idea what’s on the start – can’t remember! Time will tell – another post lol. Sorry you missed the steam fair. The big one down these parts is “The Great Dorset Steam Fair”, it’s billed as being the biggest in the world, and it’s certainly huge, but that’s it’s downfall, the traffic is horrendous! Last time I attempted to go, I joined the traffic cue about 5 miles away and about an hour later I’d moved about 100 yards! In the end I gave up and went back home! I’ve not bothered since!! Hope that ankle continues to improve – Cheers and best wishes Andy


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