Developing Expansion

The Old Paterson Developing System 4

When I very first started developing film, about aged 7 in the mid-late 70’s, my father brought a second hand kit for me, from an add in the back of the local paper. This was long before the web, never mind eBay. It took a single 35mm film and was exactly the same as the little tank on the right of the photo above.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been using it’s slightly bigger brother, exactly the same just a bit taller, one that would take a single 120 film or two 35mm’s. Since I got it, I haven’t really used it’s smaller brother much, just it’s spiral!

I’ve had “issues” being able to load 120 film with the same ease as 35mm film, but I think I’ve cracked that now, and it’s become a bit laborious only processing one at a time. So I’ve expanded again!

I’ve stopped selling on eBay, it’s become such a pain to the point I’d rather just give stuff away to an appropriate home, I do however still buy the odd think there. Last was a metal hood, this week a new/old tank. Brand new, never used and still boxed, complete with two (universal) spirals. I can now dev two 120’s at a time, or three 35mm’s. This was slightly encouraged by reading Johnny Martyr’s post extoling a 5 reel work flow. I don’t feel I need that high a capacity, but this 2 or 3 tank will be perfect!

The reason for buying second hand is that I very much prefer the older design of tank, it’s also half the price of buying new. I’ve also discovered it’s better still…. it will actually take one 120, and two 35’s at a time – so when I come back from a holiday that should really speed up the work flow!

3 thoughts on “Developing Expansion

  1. I’ve thought a number of times about getting a second tank (possibly bigger) to go along with my Paterson 2-reel tank. It’s not that often that I need to develop more than a roll at a time, but there have been occasions where it would have been useful. Even if I didn’t develop them all at the smae time, I could at least get multiple rolls loaded and ready.

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    1. Hello! I tend to be all or nothing – I usually wait until I have enough film for a “session” so I often do a dozen rolls in one go. Then start the collection for next time! Of course the type of film and the processing time, might mean I have the 3 reel, 2 reel and single reel on the go in one session, if the times are different, but I seem to be settling on fewer films these days, so 3 35’s or 1×120 and 2 35’s in one go will speed up the proceedings a bit. Hope your ankle is improving? – Cheers and best wishes, Andy

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