Caren Hartley-Bicycle

An unusual post from me today for two reasons, I rarely make a post with just one photograph, and if I do, it’s rarely a digital one.

Before Covid, I went to Mottisfont, just north of Romsey. It’s a National Trust house. My visit coincided with a exhibition of “craft”. One of the exhibits contained a few prints made using the Anthotype process. These fade naturally if left in light, that was part of the display. As a note, I understand that it is possible to coat them in a resin to either prevent or severely delay this. However the main exhibit that caught my eye wasn’t photographic for a change.

Caren Hartly hand crafts bicycles. I can only imagine the skill and knowledge to do such a thing, and when one of them is in front of you, it’s difficult not to say it’s art. The photo was taken with my X-pro2 and the 18-55XF lens. I used 400asa and an aperture of f3.6 at 80th sec. I later converted the image to black and white, and did levels. Apart from that it’s a straight shot.

You can read more about Caren Hartly here.

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