The Last of Pilford

A Jag

I think this little collection of images will be the last black and white that I post from my visit to Pilford Heath Transport and Heritage Show (Pilford on Ilford). I do have some colour car images left to share. The car above is a Jaguar MkII from 1959, and is owned by M.Nicholls in Weymouth. Below a few more images that don’t fit into the categories I’ve already posted!

I’m assuming this is the Shepherds hut built onto a MkI Transit, mentioned in the programme
A country trio
London Bus
.. and an engine in a bus!
Another Bus
Smaller Steam
A Dennis Rapier Fire Engine from 1997, G Soutar, Waterlooville
I love the optical effect of the shadow on it’s RH front wheel
We stand with Ukraine

As usual – the square images are from my Rolleicord Va (6X6) and the rectangular, from my EOS 30. Both on Ilford Pan-F

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