Not something I photograph everyday – although Dorset, my home county is quite rural. Rectangular images on this post (as above) were taken with my EOS 30, while the square images were made using my Rolleicord Va, all were made on Ilford Pan-F Plus. Below is what I believe to be a Field Marshall 3A, if it is, then it’s owned by Elvin Burden from Wimborne. The impressive thing about it was the “thump” as it went past – one could feel the ground move! It obviously has some serious metal moving inside!

Field Marshall 3A

When not moving, the tractors were lined up ready for closer inspection!

2 thoughts on “Tractors!

    1. Hello! I’m always amazed at what detail a 6×6 neg can hold, even after all these years! Certainly a heritage show is a great day out for a photographer, even if said photographer drives family mad by using a 6×6 camera!! šŸ™‚ – All best wishes Andy


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