Big Steam at Pilford

Burrell 7 nhp G/P Traction Engine (Owned by John Flynn)

More Ilford at Pilford! This time the “Large Steam Exhibits” as the programme calls them – traction engines to you and me! All these are made with my Rolleicord Va and are on Pan-F. Below we see a Aveling & Porter DT Tractor dating from 1929 and owned by John Quick.

Aveling & Porter DT Tractor dating from 1929
A Fodgen Wagon owned by Mr Martin White

Above a Fodgen Steam Wagon owned by Mr Martin White, he has two! One is a C-Type one is a 5 ton. I can’t identify from the programme which this is. Below is, I believe, a Wallis and Steevens (yes correct spelling!) 6ft wide, Steam roller, which hails from Verwood, Dorset – just up the road!

A 6ft wide steam roller owned by Mr Terry Cheater
8 Ton of roller!

Above is an 8 ton steam roller owned by Mr David Loader from Bournemouth, while below is another shot of the Burrel traction engine from the start, but this time with an onlooker!

A Burrel Engine

Last but not least – this lovely engine with boiler wood clad. It was parked facing the other way around from the others, with the sun on it’s rear, so I photographed it that way! It doesn’t appear to be in the programme, perhaps a late entry?

5 thoughts on “Big Steam at Pilford

  1. I’ve got some B&W 6×6 medium format traction engine photos to come soon too. I took them a few weeks back at the Sheffield Steam Rally but haven’t gotten around to uploading them yet. You’re much more dilligent at paying attention to the machines than I am – I tend to shoot first, then wish I’d asked questions later (usually when I’m looking at the scans appear on my computer…). I have a visit to the Lincoln Steam Rally planned this month, so I expect I’ll soon have even more – perhaps this time I’ll take heed of your approach pay more attention to what I’m photographing. 🙂

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    1. Well that’s exactly what I do and then try and match up what I can see in the photo with what’s in the programme! If everything had a clear visible registration number I’d be ok, but for example there were two buses there, but only one listed in the programme that wasn’t!! Best plans…. Truth be told I’m the same with flowers, cars, and nearly, although not quite so bad, with planes – cameras on the other hand, I can and do bore the pants off!! Cheers and best wishes – Andy

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  2. Hi Andy. Fabulous photos- do you do prints? All mine are taken on the phone so never the best quality but I love to have the 1 of the Aveling

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    1. Hello John, Thank you for kind comments! Technically I do have facilities for printing “wet”, but I haven’t set it all up for years! I really ought to at some point. I print the occasional image that really pleases me, but it seems to be a rare event these days! I could have a print made for you if you like – shouldn’t be a problem as a one off – what sort of size would you like? Cheers Andy


      1. Hi Andy. What’s the largest you can go without losing quality? I notice you mention 6 x6 inch. Incidentally the big Marshall with wood lagging had recently had some work done so the steel cladding was removed. But notice the number plates on Chris’ and mine ( just to really confuse people!)


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