Burnham-on Sea

Back in the 1970’s, as a family, we usually had a summer holiday. We weren’t a wealthy family, although that’s a subjective point of view, but my parents, managed it somehow! For three or four of these, we came to Burnham-on-sea. There was a caravan holiday park there, in those days – known as Holimarine! I still have some 126 slides from those days somewhere. I remember having my 7th birthday there. I look back at it with fond memories. At seven, the summers seemed long and hot. I spent hours in the un-heated pool, there was a model boat pond, a boating lake, where one could use a rowing boat for half an hour at a time. The transport that took people and their luggage from one end of the park to the other was a brightly painted milk float with seats pointing outwards from either side. Health and safety would have a fit these days!

It wasn’t far from home, but far enough for the old family “banger”, it often over heated or broke down en-route. I often wonder if those early experiences were the founding of my love of travel. Being away from home, seeing different things, a journey.

Life was simpler back then, no designer shoes, no mobile phones, no play station. I’m not sure kids of today would know what to do! I had my 126 camera, a single roll of film, swimming trunks, and a bucket – I was all I needed! I collected shells, swam, made photo’s, went on little adventures.

These days I have a better camera, more film, bigger trunks, and a bigger bucket – but I’m not convinced, that for kids today, the things that really matter, are any better.

Anyway – after that ramble, I only intended to post these few pics made with my Rolliecord Va on Fuji Across (Original). Taken on my recent trip to Somerset.

Burnham-on-sea Pier
Hinkley Point Power Station on the Horizon
Looking North
Burnham-on-sea Low Lighthouse #1
Burnham-on-sea Low Lighthouse #2

The holiday park is still there – but it’s now a Haven Holiday Park – perhaps one day I’ll have another birthday there! In the 70’s….

Me with my father at Holimarine

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