In the Potting Shed

Recently I made a visit to Tyntesfield. It’s a National Trust property not too far from Bristol. Of course I toured the house and so on, and will no doubt do a post about that before too long. This little story however is about the kindness that someone took, that made it a memorable day.

I have never been one to follow the masses, I don’t do fashion, or rather I do, mine! You can bet if 9 people go one way, I’ll be the one that goes the other! It’s never deliberate to be different, I’m just wired that way! When visiting houses and stately homes like these, yes I look at the portraits of the great and good, and their furniture but it rarely interests me. What does, is where the servants lived, what the kitchens were like, and especially the gardens and gardeners.

On this occasion, I’d just walked through the gardens, with my Nikon F3 at the ready, loaded with some Kodak Color plus, not important but I know people like to know these things! I came to the potting shed. A lovely old collection of terracotta pots, it so reminded me of my Uncle Ralphs, however right in the way of a nice composition was a modern aluminium ladder. The area was cordoned off with a rope – what’s a photographer to do!!

Just as everyone was heading around a corner I was just about to step over the rope and move the ladder – temptation was too great! However at the critical moment, one of the gardening team appeared. I guess she sensed something.. “Hello!” she said. I explained how lovely I thought the pots were, and how the ladder was out of place, and asked if she would mind moving it a couple of feet to the right! Not only was she quite happy to do so, she asked if I’d like to have a wander through the normally off limits area! Of course I did.

She took 10 minutes or so to show me the collection of tools, all the old pots and so on. She didn’t need to, and I’m sure she had plenty to do. I thank here very much. Sadly I didn’t get ask her name, I wish I had. If by chance you or any of the team read this – thank you. It made my day!

Ohh you want to see photo’s… ok then..

In an age before plastic
there was terracotta and wood
I hope that age returns!

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