Processing Day

Drying Time

I’ve been busy processing today! I think I mentioned that I’ve been away for a week’s holiday, and for the first time in ages, not taken a digital camera with me – only film. The colour I sent to the lab first working day I was back, in fact that’s all back, although scanning will take a time. Today I worked my way through some black and white.

I made my way through 4x 35mm and 5 Rolls of 120. I’ve written before about the hassle and trouble I’ve had getting 120 onto the reel, but I’ve finally made a breakthrough there. I follow ALL the tips I’ve been given, but I’ve also discovered that one (yes only one) of the 6 reels I own, seem to like the wider film. So when I use that, I’m now Ok loading, finally. It had got so bad at one point, and my patience so tested, that I almost sold my 120 cameras and swore to use only 35 – now I’m back on track!

Over the coming weeks I’ll scan some images and share here, also a couple of stories, and a couple of, well I was going to say mistakes, they are not really that, more discoveries! I’ll leave that for another day!

Right now I need a coffee and time to make up an order for more Ilfosol and Fix!

2 thoughts on “Processing Day

    1. Hello! I did the 9 rolls of B/W at home, but I always wait and do a batch together – so some of them pre-date my trip! Like you, the colour I send to the lab. I guess I could process my own at home, but the cost of the kit, and the fact I use more B/W doesn’t really make it a viable proposition for me. I guess you’ll see results here over the coming month or maybe two!! Cheers and all best wishes – Andy

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